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Arriving! Singapore “Everlasting Love and Bliss Wedding”

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Getting ready for the Singapore Wedding Show! So excited… In the airport are packed with summer holiday tourists from Mainland Chi”na and I thought…. “oh… that’s also the good time for me to “fly” and have my own shopping space!”

今天出發去新加坡wedding show啦! 真興奮!
但只見大量國內同胞, 擠爆香港機場, 心想: 我真的要”飛”出去呀! 還我空間 ba !

What’s more happy than this having free airline ticket from Cathay Pacific and free accomodation too!  Love it….

Though it’s not my first time in Singapore, I still need to give a thumb up to its overall city feel. Even the cab, looks small, it’s actually very spacious and a quite a big leg room like business class!  A very limo feel.. And most of the people here speaks English/Mandarin, and even Cantonese too! oh that would be very convenient for a Hong Kong people like me.

今次真着數; 免費乘搭國泰航空兼有免費住宿。Yeah!

新加坡市容真係好靓好整齊.  就算是的士, 看似需小, 但相比香港真係闊络很多; 椅子亦非常舒服;好有Limo的感覺..
加上語言共通, 不論是英文、普通話, 甚至是廣東話, also okay!  (他們愛看TVB嘛!)

in spore taxi

I’m so looking forward to meeting the Singapore models for casting tomorrow.

But wait….Oh my Gosh..forget to bring my contact lens case? and there is no any 7-11 down there?

Still lucky me this trip… I got these…….to hold my contact lens

好期待明天的Singapore model casting for photoshoot and catwalk show呀!

Oh my GOD!!!  忘了我的隱形眼鏡盒?下面沒有7-11?



Models….oh there… got a new handsome boy in the application too?   stay tune

Model casting?  ?多左個靓仔?  待續…..


出外考察, 人都醒啲! 正!

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