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Why you need a wedding planner – a professional one?

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Using a wedding consultant had always been viewed as a luxury that only the rich and famous enjoyed. This is not so much the case anymore and the number of people using wedding planners continues to rise every day. 

Why we need a wedding planner – a professional one?

Planning a wedding can be like a full time job……There are endless details to arrange, many logistics to organize, large numbers of vendors and service providers to hire, schedules, time-lines and budgets to manage… and as a result, parts of their wedding dream have already disintegrated into disappointment.

Few brides-to-be are experienced in orchestrating an event as large and important as a wedding. A few questions for yourself:

  • Can you manage your time well, especially when you do an important matter all by yourself?
  • Do you get frustrated easy when things are not going in your way?
  • You always have busy schedule?
  • Do you feel stressful when you need to handle important matters?
  • Are you a detail person to handle multi-tasks at one time?
  • Do you have ability to work to a budget? 

An event planner comes in handy because the couple has nothing to worry about since all the details are taken care of.  The end result of having a wedding planner, in this case, is well worth it.  Both of you will able to enjoy every moment of your special occasion.


How to choose your Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planner’s prices range from HK$10,000 to HK$100,000 or more. The key is to find the right planner at the right price. Some brides need day of planning only some need full planning so it is important for you to understand your needs when choosing a planner.


  • Unlimited package  –  cover from the beginning to the end of your wedding.  This is a great way to go to save money and time. You will get the most out your planner selecting this type of package.


  • Creativity – A professional wedding planner has to have the ability to make your big day unique and special, a personal way that is all your own.   He/She is oozing with imagination, and knows where to find all of those unique and dazzling touches to transform your wedding into an absolute fantasy.


  • Sense of Style – A professional wedding planner also needs to have a very good sense of style and find the best image that fit your best.
  • Pleasant Personality – The event planner also needs to have a personality that connects well with clients.  He/She needs to understand your personal and specific needs for this special day.



  • Well Connected – A good wedding planner has lots of connections with the best vendors and is a good negotiator works at the best value for your money.


  •  Gate Keeper – A professional wedding planner can also save the bride and groom a lot of money as well as time. This is because they usually know which vendors are reasonably prized and the quality of work involved. The event planner is usually in a better position to negotiate and get discounts from vendors they have worked with before.


  • Risk Management – A good event planner knows the tips and tricks to avoid trouble – but she also knows how to trouble-shoot when the need does arise.
  • After Sales Service – A good wedding planner is just like your personal assistant and a good friend.  So it should not be just a good-bye and get the cheque when the day is over.  Will they be willing to support honeymoon planning, anniversary?


The costs involved in hiring such a professional may be surprisingly affordable given the amount of details they have to work with. Planners can also tailor their cost according to the client’s budget and help you to stay within your budget.

Drop us a message here and see how we can help.




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