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“LOVE IDEAS” WANTED ! Win Fiesta Jewellery and Shopping Vouchers!

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Apart from the “Romantic Prelude” campaign currently running in Hong Kong, many overseas fans asked to join something similar. How about a “LOVE IDEA” contest? Share your love photo and ideas here!

Regardless you are married or not,  share with us ONE photo with your better half, and tell us ONE idea that will make him/her to say “YES” when one is down on one knee to make the marriage proposal !

Try not more than 100 words as a photo caption that describes your idea!

Send this to:

And we will put it up for you!

•Photo will be uploaded in less than 1 working day.  

Check out our Facebook page and get your friends to ‘LIKE’ your entry. The top winner with MOST number of “LIKE”s will:

Win our Fiesta accessory and shopping voucher valued over HK$2000/SG$322/Euro188

•Every entry will receive a Fiesta Shopping Voucher of HK$100/SG15/Euro90.
•Contest and Voting ends on 30th September 2011. (HKG Time 23:59). 

Submit your entries today!

Send this to:


About Jane@Fiesta

Founder and Stylist Director of Fiesta

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