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They got the Prizes!

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We are so excited to meet all the winners in Singapore for our first photo contest “Best Matching Couple”, and the winner from “The biggest spender in Everlasting Love & Bliss wedding fair” held in Suntec Concourse, Singapore.

1st Place – “Best Matching Couple” Photo Contest

Congratulations to Gerry Eng & 林佳佳 who sent in the 1st place photograph and win the most number of votes from the public and the judges. The Prize is a set of Fiesta Jewellery, made in the USA, also wear by the Miss Hong Kong, valued SG$888)

Look at the sweet smiles from Gerry and 佳佳,   can you feel the love around?  You two really light up our day!

(L to R: Anna Poon - Liko Design/Fiesta, Gerry Eng, 林佳佳, Yangly-Bridal Zone)

There is no denying that you guys/gals have the privilege of enjoying our Fiesta Jewellery and Watches made in Europe/America, the most beautiful places in the world.  We can’t tell you how difficult it was to be a part of judging this contest. 

“Big Spender” in the Everlasting Love and Bliss Wedding held at Suntec Concourse

Also congratulate Ng Su Ling couple who is the biggest spender registered to this contest and won our German made chorongraph watch valued SG$2000.

We’d like to express a huge thank you to LIKO Design Pte Ltd –  the organizer of the wedding exhibition in Suntec, Bridal Zone, Golden Horse, ITV-Asia (our media partner) for supporting these contests very generously. 

Of course, we’d also like to thank each couple who submitted photographs, and also those who visited our wedding exhibition, and bought the jewellery and bridal packages.  Without you, this wouldn’t be possible and success.

Be sure to check out the gallery below the winning photographs where you can view all photos submitted to the contest.

And of course the wedding fair  that we had in Suntec Concourse.!/media/set/?set=a.231620743556485.70034.100001256840106&type=1


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