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A Nice Wedding “Flavour”

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While the company has set up the new wedding planning service, we have been approached by many interesting companies. Last week, I met a French gifts company and their things are so attractive as a wedding favours. And they are not expensive at all, even though they are all Made in France. They are so cool that I can is best for couples looking for unique gifts yet able to personalized to their own needs.

自從公司在歐美珠寶首飾業務的基礎下, 開拓了婚禮統籌業務, 陸續地 line up了不同坊間罕有而又十分漂亮兼有品質保證的產品, 去满足一直追求獨一無二, 兼個性化產品的客人

Most of the wedding favours ranges from HK$10-HK$15 each, and this lovely wardrobe sachet, the retail price of each is just HK$25 and there are lots of different packing choices, will definitely able to meet different customers needs.

就例如婚宴中, 大部份新人都會預備每位賓客一份回禮小禮物, 約$10至$15一份, 但很多情況下’ 這些禮物都是’得物無所用· 但又棄之可惜、有慚於新人的一番心意·

The one I chose for myself is a pattern that matches the France Villa that I visited and stayed for a week earlier this year. Oh my God… the sachet brings me back to the romantic city…. here I go….

上星期, 接待了一間法國禮品公司, 產品全是Made in France, 製作極之精美, 我自己亦購買了他們的Lavendar 衣物香味吊飾, 高尚之餘又實用, 我挑選的款式, 跟我年中在法國住的Villa同系列的室內設計’ wa….. 又帶內我返回這浪漫之都……正!

My lovely son playing at the dining room in France villa

Normally these sachets will last for approx. 2-3 months and this particular little thing can be steamed in the microwave for 30 seconds and it can last for another 2-3 months

這Lavendar 衣物香味吊飾,放在衣櫃內, 香味約可維持兩至三個月, 實用之餘兼美觀耐用, 可循環再用; 可以放入微波爐叮30秒, 便可繼續發揮效用.

Well, all in all, Made In France, Beautiful packing, Quality, and buying over 120 pcs for the wedding guests can enjoy a bulk volume of $12.pc only – isn’t it attractive?

法國製造、外型討好、價錢又實惠, 相信這必是一個極受賓客愛不釋手的禮物….

單買才$25, 婚宴或party大量可低至$12…. 超值…..

For more gift option – 想獲取更多禮品資料, click:


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