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5 tips to plan your wedding fair visit

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Getting married and Going to a different bridal fairs are really exciting and always overwhelming. Have you ever visited any bridal fairs in Hong Kong? They are usually very huge with over  hundreds of vendors, it’s good to look around but sometimes you will just feel very confusing that makes you indecisive with too many options.
去不同的Wedding Expo,Despite what size fair you are planning to attend, use these tips to make the most of your visit.

確是一個令人興奮的節目。數以百計的供應商,有時真的覺得非常混亂,太多的選擇, 及而令你舉棋不定。 儘管你計劃參加不同大小的expo,試試這些tips可否幫到你。

1. Visit more than one expo

Different organizers will usually have different mix of vendors, so do your research.  Visit the organizers websites, you can check out their event schedule, preregistration information, and admission coupons.  Sometimes, you can get free door gifts too!

Some organizers will have vendors present in different fairs, so if you missed a major vendor in one of their shows, you can go online and find out if they will be at the next scheduled fair.

去多過一個expo 通常不同的主辦單位有不同的供應商組合,所以嘗試做你的research。去他們organizer的網站看看,你可以check check自己的活動日程,預先登記,及索取入場券。有時候,你還可以得到免費禮品呢!


2.  Devise a “to do list”

There are many vendors from wedding apparel, photographe’rs, videographers, entertainment, travel agents, wedding venues, and the list goes on….. Now that you know which vendors will be at the expo and now you can make a short list to save your time wandering around and not able to get anything, or have got something that you actually don’t need it.

制定“To-Do清單” 臨臨總總的供應商, 從婚紗,photographers,旅行社,婚宴場地….不勝枚舉 … … 建議你可以作一個簡短的清單,以節省您漫無目的 “遊盪”時間,不但不能夠得到您想要的東西,還可能花費了你實際上不需要的東面。


3. Create your wedding e-mail account.

Centralize all your communication/correspondence about your wedding in this free email account.  Not only you can share with your better half, but will also allow you to manage your wedding related matters all at one time and better use of your time, which always not enough, right? You can  use the same email to manage  wedding R.S.V.P.s. too.

Create你們的婚禮電子郵件帳戶   您的所有通信可集中於屬於你們倆的婚禮電子郵件帳戶。不僅可以與你的另一半分享資訊,也讓您可以在同一時間, 管理所有有關你們wedding 上的需要, 更好地利用你的時間。


4. Participate the contest, giveaways

You won’t never know the chance of getting your winnings, but there is no harm to try.  Research shows that the chance of winning is not as low as you might think, so don’t  forget to test your luck! Make sure o provide a valid email and phone number for the organizer  to contact the winner.

參加比賽嬴禮品 你永遠不會知道您的機會,但也no harm to try!  研究表示,獲勝的機會並不如你想像的低,所以, 試試你的運氣!But make sure 你提供一個有效的電子郵件和電話號碼, 讓organizer聯絡到你去領獎!

5. Bring a paper or digital calendar

You’ll need to know when to schedule meetings, tastings, fittings, etc.

帶你的Calendar/organizer…事歷表 你需要知道什麼時候能安排品酒,試身, 等等   當然,如果你打算engage一個婚禮策劃師,他們將提供各種專業意見,以確保你不會落入不同的陷阱,節省您很多的時間和金錢oh!



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