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Getting married in the festive season?

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Are you planning to get married in the festive season?

今天SCMP南華早報 刊登了早前跟我的訪問, 問我聖誕除夕搞婚禮有什麼challenge…..

Have just been interviewed by SCMP about the challenges. Well, if we can have a proper planning, there are many ways that we can make it a dream wedding and even save the cost too!

I’m really amazed with the SCMP’s editor.   A 30-minute interview, can be summarized in such a great bullets.    Great piece of work!!!!   Check this out there!

其實只要動小小腦根, 也可將挑戰化成 jetso, 讓新人可在更多人、更化算、 更溫馨的時光裏接受美好的祝福!

30分鐘的訪問, 20幾句就將d重點輯錄哂. 真佩服SCMP的editor之筆, 真利害……….

Jane's interview @ SCMP



Key points/現將重點輯錄如下:


1. Plan ahead.  Pay attention the clause on venue and menu booking to avoid any unnecessary and/or unreasonable price adjustment at their own discretion.

預早計劃, book 場 book menu 要留意合約條款, 被免供應商因任何原因而無理加價;

2. Once you have the date set, send a “save-a-date” card.  Friends/Relatives will come all the way to celebrate your big day!

一定下日子, 預早發送 “預先通知咭” 給各親朋,(外國很流行.. save-the-date card), 讓他們預備 不出外而來與你一起慶祝您的大日子!

Andrew & Kat sent out their "save-the-date card" approx. 10 months before their wedding. Relatives from Canada and Japan came to Hong Kong and witness their important milestone! Andrew & Kat於婚禮前10個月巳送出"save-the-date" card..親朋也紛紛一早由加拿大及日本過來慶祝!



3. Hotels might have planned several hundred thousands of money on festive decoration. So ask and see if they can arrange certain things and move to your banquet area!  Saved your money!

酒店一般在這些重耍日子,巳花下數萬至數十萬元裝飾, 可留意什麼用得著, 便預先要求安排, 一般情況, 不太複雜的, 他們亦很樂意幫忙。這樣可省下一筆decoration費用。

Grand Hyatt is very considerate in every little decoration detail........Grand Hyatt真體貼, 每個角落都照顧周到

The wedding just finished on 23/12 was in Peninsla and you just need to top up a little things and it looks grand already.....剛剛23/12在半島酒店的婚禮project 些小點綴門巳見華麗

4.  During the peak season, many banquets deployed part-time helpers so it’s better to monitor the staff support and run-down schedule.  Show them that “You Care” about every little detail, and they might not dare to offend then arrange all the best for you.

旺季時份, 很多時宴會部都可能聘用part-time, 最好預先與經理相討有幾多同事負責您的wedding, . 詳細 go through run-down 等等, 這樣可使他們知道,您是–個 “有耍求”的 人, 他們絕不可在您的wedding 上馬虎! (或許這可差使他去編排有更多經驗及高級的同事來打點!)

5.  Kitchen is also another busy area during peak season, so make sure the kitchen is at least on the same floor to where you hold the banquet. You never want to disappoint your guests with teh cold food!

旺季時, 廚房部可能會不勝負荷, 最好預先要求食物要在同一層的廚房烹調, 並要準時端出而不至會令食物冷卻, 以免得失賓客.

Well, if you engage a wedding planner, that’s all the little details that we take care and arrange the best for you two.

當然, 如果您有wedding planner, 這就是我們的責任去安排及爭取最佳的方案給您,

Congratulation once again! Any question, feel free to email me at


有任何疑問, 可除時email給我,樂於解答呀! or

Happy New Year!!!


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