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A Guy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day – 無敵的“情人節禮物”

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Flowers and Chocolate again this Valentine’s day?  Well, girls might seems unsurprised…

BUT, on top of the flowers (or any other gift that you’ve planned), what about a letter drafted by you and the civil celebrant showing your intention to get married with her in 2012?  A commitment full of sincerity that makes her feel touching a lifetime….

情人節這個愛的月份, 照例送花送朱古力?

坦白說, 對女孩子來說, 這確實是沒有太大驚喜….. 真的只是人有我有.. 就是如此。

但如果在花束上, (或任何禮品上), 附上一封你和証婚律師草擬好的2012婚書, 你估, 這個給她百份百的承諾, 會否令她感動一生呢?

On Valentine’s day, with a very romantic atmosphere, this most touching Valentine’s Gift will surely make your marriage proposal a success.

So in this special Valentine’s month, grab this best offer from our civil celebrants:

如果你是男生,  在情人節當天, 浪漫的氣氛下, 用這份無敵的“情人節禮物” 給她許下承諾, 相信求婚已是十拿九穩……

為此我們特別在這個情人節2月, 送上2012証婚 Special Offer:

In the Central Office/中環辦事處 – HK$1,699-

Kowloon/HK Island 九龍/香港 – HK$2,699

New Territories/Theme Park 新界/主題公園 – HK$3,199-

Valid throughout the Year 2012 if you sign up before end of February.

Wish you Happy Valentine’s Day. Let us help to make your a wonderful and blissful celebration.

2月底前簽-全年適用.  預祝情人節快樂, 就讓我們成就你倆一段美滿姻緣.



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