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I met Assaf who is from London, in a special occasion. I told him that many couples nowadays find many wedding photoshoots are too “outdated”, formal heavily stylized photographs”, and not natural.

Assaf is a gentleman who can do things wholeheartedly. I told him that many people are looking for a style which can really capture the spirit and essence. I really appreciated his works. Just by looking at the images below, capture them in their most natural moment, often the most beautiful. So I invited him to join our Fiesta to serve our esteemed clients.


Do these images touch your heart? What Assaf does is to capture the spirit and essence of the moment in time, but that he does is a relaxed and fun way which is enjoyable for all. What he tries to achieve is to translate the people brief in to a pictorial essay that they will treasure and value for years to come. The photographs tell the story of a time to be remembered and cherished.

我邀請了Assaf在嚟緊的5月5日及5月6日,在銅鑼灣 L’Hotel為我們
Fiesta的賓客免費拍攝人像。有興趣嗎?免費的門卷有限,只提供話Fiesta Fans, click here:

I already invited Assaf to join our International Wedding & Gift Show which will be held on 5th and 6th of May 2012 (Saturday and Sunday) at L’Hotel Causeway Bay. He is so kind offering us “FREE PORTRIAT!” Interested? Free tickets are really limited so click here:

適逢再下一個星期便是母親節,帶埋媽媽一起來拍攝將溫馨照片啦! 到時見!

While Mother’s Day is just around the corner, bring mum together and get an intimate photo together! See you there!


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