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舊年在偶然的一個機會下認識了Valerie and Joan。她們好似孖公仔咁,一人一句,好興奮、好雀躍地向我介紹她們在不同地方搜羅回來的珍珠項鍊。
左邊是Joan, 右邊是Valerie

I met Valerie and Joan last year and I was really amazed with their passion in showing me all their best collection of the pearl jewellery. (Left is Joan, Right: Valerie)


相談之下,才知她們兩個都來自英國,Valerie 很多年前亦曾移居法國,現來到香港,兩個竟然是因為一樣我們中國人覺得好驕傲的發明-"麻雀", 而走在一起。這個偉大的發明其實吸引了很多外國人。



These two elegant English ladies (Valerie has moved to France some years ago), and now they are both in Hong Kong an d become friends  because of one lovely thing, a real smart and fun game developed by our Chinese people, guess what?  “Marjohn”!  What an attractive entertainment even for the westerners!

And what I love most from Val and Jo is all they sell is “Pearl Jewellery” only.  They source from different places, carrying different colors, different shapes, and match with different gems, crystals that instantly create a lot of beautiful jewelry and accessories!

For brides, Pearl jewellery and Bridal White gowns can be a perfect match.  And because of their East meets West background, their collection are full of versatile design that can mix and match with different evening dresses as well, including Qipao!



毎當新娘子問我,在婚禮當日,送甚麼禮物給兩位母親,我會毫不尤疑建議珍珠項鍊。為什麼?你知道珍珠是怎樣出來的嗎?珍珠是由貝殼裏孕育出來的。這豈不正是代表着我們的母親,由bb的孕育我們到現在出嫁了;此時此刻,又有甚麼禮物比珍珠首飾更有意思,更有代表性呢?在valanjo 裏,就有着不同顏色,不同設計的珍珠首飾選擇,絕山撞款,肯定找到合適的選擇。

Many brides ask me, what kinds of gifts they should get prepare for the two moms on their wedding day. Well, I always recommend “Pearl Jewellery”.  Why?  Do you know where Pearls come from?  Pearls are the only gem that comes from the ocean’s womb. They are created naturally by mollusks or oysters as a result of an irritant that enters their shell. So what gifts would be better than Pearl Jewellery when you think of we are all nourished by our mums since we were a baby!  And the good things from Valanjo is they always have different colors, different shapes, different patterns to choose from so you will able to pick a lovely piece for mum on this special day!


Valerie和Joan也將在”Fiesta 國際婚禮禮品展會”參展, 星期六和星期日!  5月5日 and6日。Come and meet Val and Jo!,我相信你一定會喜歡他們!帶媽媽一起來, 挑選一個可愛的珍珠首飾, 為母親節準備ah!

Valerie and Jo will also be exhibiting in the Internatinal Wedding & Gift Fair the coming Saturday and Sunday 5th -6th May 2012. Come to meet them in person and I’m sure you will love what they have these 2 days! Bring mum together for a Free Portrait and pick a lovely piece of pearl jewelry ready for Mother’s Day!


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