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Top-notch designer gowns by Amelia Wedding

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試婚紗,永遠都是每個待嫁新娘最熱切期望的一個節目。有些新娘子說這確實是一生人之中最興奮的時刻,十分期待。畢竟這是真正的第一刻在未婚夫前披上嫁衣,即使只是fitting ,感覺總會是飄飄然的。

Bridal dress fitting is often the most exciting and important part of the wedding planning process for every bride-to-be.  After all, it’s really the first time wearing a bridal dress in front of your fiancé,   a very memorable thing after all.

最近認識了Amelia Wedding , 最欣賞的不只是她們美麗的衣裳,還有她們欣切的服務,令顧客可以在一個優美的環境下,無拘無束的揀選心愛的靚婚紗靚晚裝。高貴的格調,但又價錢合理。整個由揀衫到試衫的過程, 確實是一生人一次最值得享受的樂趣.

The first feeling when I went to Amelia Wedding, is “wow, beautiful dresses”.  What deserves appreciation is the customer services too.  Choosing your lovely dresses in a very beautiful and comfortable place is already a very enjoyable thing to do.  A value for money thing for such an elegance!

單看這幾張設計草圖,就可知設計師Goretti Cheung背後的認真態度,對每一個細節上的要求,都是一絲不苟的。再配合自己香港製作的車工師傅,前方及後方同事們的殷勤服務。值得一讚!

Just simply a few sketches shown here you will able to see the details and the heart from the designer, Goretti Cheung.  Details make perfect, not to say the local maker here that guarantees the quality and time for ready delivery.

設計師及其團隊,一都曾在grand Hyatt, HK Island Shangrila, Intercontinental 等展覽其優雅的婚紗及晚裝。款式非常典雅,好靚,好有class. 就算10年後拿回相片出來看,包保一定唔會覺得老土。還會有超級值得回味的感覺。

Having exhibited in Grand Hyatt, HK Island Shangri-la, Intercontinental, Amelia Wedding now landed at our Fiesta International Wedding/Gift Show.  Come to find your favourite classic and elegant gowns that would never go out of fashion.

所以我特意邀請了Amelia Wedding來到我們的FIESTA國際婚禮/禮品show. 還安排了本地及外籍model幫佢行catwalk,大家不要錯過呢埸靚show。相信Amelia Wedding一定會有靚offer給 Fiesta fans 的!登記:


Come to see the fashion show!  Amelia Wedding has ready their best pieces for I’m sure they would love to make certain special offers to our Fiesta Fans here.  See you this Saturday/Sunday. Register for your ticket here:


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