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巨星的風采 – Appreciation to Kaprice

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一直都覺得高級印度式服裝好靚,因為有好多beading work. 閃閃令, 好吸引,好有風采。在某個場合認識了Kaprice , 好欣賞她們的服飾尤其是clutch bag 手袋, 極其漂亮,愛不釋手。在巴黎和杜拜製造的手袋, 還是由印度皇室珠寶工匠主理的首飾, 都散發著與別不同的氣質。

I always show appreciation to the indian clothing because of the many bling bling, the detail beading work, very attractive… Met Kaprice fashion and I fall in love with their clutch bags immediately… so pretty with different gems and crystals. Mostly made in Paris, Dubai with the royal jewellers in Rajasthan and Hyderabad.

深入認識後才知道Kaprice創辦人兼創作總監希蘭夫人 (Mrs. Hiranand) 曾在美國Las Veegas、英國倫敦、印度、杜拜和香港等多個大城市居住多年, 深受各地文化影響, 並將各種風格帶到KAPRICE的設計當中。KAPRICE的意思是wide variety, 多種變化, 毫不單調的; a sudden desire, 代表女士們對時裝的渴望和追求。

Mrs. Kamla L. Hiranand, the Founder and Creative Director of Kaprice, has been living in different major cities around the world, being influenced and nourished by Eastern and Western culture which allows her to bring various flavors into Kaprice designs.

Kaprice has a special meaning of ‘wide variety’ and ‘a sudden desire’, addressing every woman’s desire on fashion and how Kaprice defines a woman with numerous collections.

原來印度服式是可以穿著得好有現代fashion的感覺,簡單而又隆重,極度適合參與婚禮甚至當作晚裝用。看看蔣怡、models 穿起Kaprice 衫幾靚!長衫 – Kaftans, 歐洲料製作, 手工與設計,令人驚嘆, 真是夏天又一高貴靚靚的選擇!

Actually, many of these pretty pieces carry a contemporary design/feel that you can treat it as an evening wear, may be good for wedding event/party too. Look at these celebrities who are wearing Kaprice and you will able to tell how gorgeous and versatile they can be. The mix of European fabric and the detail handcraft work make these pieces so stunning! What a good choice of a high street fashion this summer!

Kaprice 亦會呢個星期六日在Fiesta International Wedding & Gift Show 與大家見面。大家即場可以試試這些明星靚衫,即場order或買走。還有fashion show添。不要錯過這個大好機會

Kaprice will be at Fiesta International Wedding & Gift Show this Saturday and Sunday. Come and try the different celebrity pieces too.



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