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Many people said the favourite thing for woman is always jewels, do you agree?

Hilary 是一個好漂亮英國金髮女仕。但被她深深吸引我的,是其獨立能幹,常常都一手一腳的將佢在不同國家搜羅回來的珠寶首飾,好美麗的展示出來。她來自英國,其後跟隨丈夫移往瑞士,而她的首飾不單只有時尚的靚寶石及半寶石的珠寶,亦有不小古董意念首飾,非常漂亮。

Hilary is a beautiful lady with bronze hair, originate from England, then move to Switzerland together with her husband. But what actually attract me most is her passion in running the business. She does not only got different kinds of precious gems and semi-precious gems jewelry, but also vintage-inspired designs which are very attractive!

坦白說,現今要show quali ,已不再是大大粒的鑽石咁放上身。反之,設計行頭,配合本身形像風格最重要。要令人眼前一亮,就要從風格入手。

To show off at a wedding? Well, brides nowadays does not care much about how big is the diamond. What makes them look outstanding is the image and the style. And jewelry plays an important part on this to match with different bridal gowns/evening dresses.

星期六日來 Fiesta Internationa Wedding and Gift Show試試我們為你展示的靚首飾,再配搭不同的婚紗晚裝,為你打造最適合你的獨特新娘風格!

Want a try to mix and match of different gowns/dress together with the jewelry to see what style will look best on you? We have our professional stylist here in the Fiesta International Wedding & Gift show. It’s this Saturday and Sunday at L’Hotel!


Register here:


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