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結婚是充滿愛,歡欣和喜悅的。 但在市埸眾多嘅婚紗晩裝資訊上,很多新人覺得好混淆,自己都好難判斷. 逐間試?又花很多時間同精力。去一些大形的婚紗公司,岀來嘅效果又好容易撞款。去太細的公司,又可能會跌入一d美麗嘅陷阱. 不但款式及質素都非常參次,服務又趕又吹促,呢樣又話要加錢,嗰樣又話套餐唔包,好容易令新人大失預算!

Weddings are full of love, happiness and promises. But with tons of wedding information in the market, would it be too confusing and difficult to judge?  Well, visiting every bridal shop is definitely not a good option.  Choosing between big or small bridal shops you would also need to consider the styles, budgets, and even customer service as well.

所以我一直都喜歡外國式嘅公司,無論款式,及其運作模式都是明碼實價,絕不取巧。認識了阿Rings,是一個恩典。服務態度誠懇,地方闊敞,加上由歐美引入的不同設計師的品牌靚衫,有不同風格、不同顏色,一看一摸,普通人都一定feel到其超水準的質素,亦必會找到合適的靚裙。 最開心的就是可以一站式睇到、試到好多以往只能在外國雜誌見到,但而家都可以買到、租到的名設計師靚婚紗、靚晚裝。好開心呀!

I quite enjoy visiting foreign-style bridal shops as not only their gowns/dresses are beautiful, even the way they operate will give you a very affirmative answer and seldom you see gimmicks to play around the figures and make the profit from there.  I met “Rings” (what a beautiful lady’s name) who runs her own bridal shop by sourcing differnet wedding gowns/dresses from USA/Europe.  And if you have a chance to feel it, touch it, you will know the difference.  So now, you can definitely able to try on different gowns/dresses at Rings Bridal, for the many dreses “as seen in” overseas wedding magazine!



以往我出trip的其中一個節目必定是去shopping靚晚裝帶回香港。有時出席公司晚宴、、charity ball, 點都要有番4至5件在手,去襯主人家個theme, 配合自己想要嘅look。而家可以索性比個電話靚太阿Rings,叫佢代勞嘞!

I love travel and I love shopping, especially buying different kinds of evening dresses from different countries hoping that I won’t “pump into” a lady in the same dress so easily in Hong Kong.   But maybe now Rings can help!

Rings 會呢個星期六日在Fiesta International Wedding & Gift Show 與大家見面。大家即場可以試試這些靚衫,即場order/rent或買走。YES, fashion show添。不要錯過這個大好機會

Rings will be at Fiesta International Wedding & Gift Show this Saturday/Sunday.  Come and visit her at the L’ Hotel.   There will be a fashion runway too!

Rings will be at Fiesta International Wedding & Gift Show this Saturday and Sunday. Come and try the different celebrity pieces too.



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