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Beauty lies in the Mathematics

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ART =藝術?

對, 美麗就是藝術, 而美麗亦是可以好科學地去培育出來。最近認識了一位新朋友Velda.她在美國帶來一套新的減壓療法,叫Algorithmic Rejuvenation Therapy (ART).  我心想, 是乜東東?  Velda就好好地展示一對水晶棒, 配合電腦的分析, 構劃出不同的數據, 從而針對性地作出自我身心平衡及及身體上/ 靈感上的修補。非常科學, 而又快捷方便.  至小, 相比做spa的套餐, 真的節省不小金錢。

Beauty is an ART, and can actually be cultivated on a scientific level!   A friend of mine, Velda who bring in a new therapy from the USA called “Algorithmic Rejuvenation Therapy (ART)” , but be honest, what is that I asked.   And she was so patiently, showed me a pair of the crystal wands (like a magic wand) that create a set of protocols that helps the body attain holistic self-balance, self-correction and self-repair of body, mind, and emotions.  What a scientific way to reduce stress!

說真的, 壓力 -人人皆有,尤其是香港人 。問10個新娘,相信都會有9個認同在不同時間不同層面會有不同的壓力。畢竟,結婚要處理的事項甚多;不論是酒席的安排,到自己的靚靚形像,甚至是雙方長輩的期望,不多不小都構成一定程度的壓力, 加上本身工作上的兼顧呢?

我其實本身感覺壓力都非常大,所以亦無什麼時間去做spa之類的東西。況且其實做spa都是短暫性的舒緩,相比於科學性兼跟據個人的狀況而可針對性解決壓力問題,後者無疑是確切得多。壓力減了,當然成個人都靚d啦。 正如Velda說: “Beauty lies in the Mathematics”.

I believe 9 out of 10 bride-to-be, will feel a little bit of stress, be it comes from the huge amount of the wedding logistic, beauty, relationship etc, not to say the regular 9-5 (or 9-7 or even longer) working hours??

I’m stressful too, but I really don’t have time to go for spa (and feel guilty too to leave my son home alone).  Even compared with the various kinds of spa packages, I think counting on scientific thing on a need basis may be more cost efficient.

Less stressful, much prettier.. as Velda said “Beauty lies in the Mathematics”.


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