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Nicole Kidman’s favourite!

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Oh My God…這些小models可愛嗎?吸引我的還有她們的漂亮衣裙啊!  所以我便隨即邀請Gina, The Powder Room的負責人一起合作! 所有這些漂亮的衣服都是出自澳洲著名設計師Andrea Rembeck,品牌名稱是”Tutu Du Monde” 。作為花女裙 、生日派對,絕對是完美裝扮。我真的希望他們有成人的size呀!

Oh my God, are these little models adorable??  And of course the beautiful dresses that actually attract me to invite Gina from The Powder Room for collaboration!

All these beautiful dresses are from the famous designer Andrea Rembeck, who owns the label “Tutu du Monde” from Australia.  Her dresses are perfect for flowergirls, birthday parties and dress-ups.  I really wish they would have adult size as well!

我的taste真不錯,最近Nicole Kidman在她的官方博客裏, 亦發布Tutu Du Monde是她最喜歡的衫裙之一。Click here:

Nicole Kidman has recently posted on her official blog that Tutu du Monde is one of her favourite things. Tutu du Monde is a range of tutus that are both wearable & practical and insouciant & dreamy.

這些漂亮的衣服 都會在我們的Fiesta國際婚紗及禮品會展出!   希望這個星期六和星期日在銅鑼灣L’ Hotel(11:00am – 6:00pm)見到大家啦.

Yes, here we go our Fiesta International Wedding and Gift Show you will find Tutu du Monde!  Come and join us this Saturday and Sunday at L’ Hotel, Causeway Bay (11am – 6pm)






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