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記著您倆的大日子 – “Save The Date” !

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“Save the date” card is really common in western countries, not yet in HK/Singapore.  After all, we all want our friends/families would able to come and witness your big day!  Try out our “Save the date” offer and benefit from it!

“Save the Date” card 在外國好普遍,目的是希望親朋戚友都會mark定您倆的大日子, 到時來參與。這些card, 香港或星加坡好似未見普及,有時要跟足傳統,過了大禮才派帖,時間無疑是比較合愴拙;畢竟新人都希望邀請的親朋戚友,都可以出席,見證自己的大日子。所以 叫朋友, “Save the Date”,  是非常好的一個選擇。

試試 “Save the date” card的方便好處及其效用。

easy steps for reference

1.  Choose a template / 揀 template (模板)

2.  Upload you and your better half photo / 上載一幅新人相

3. Add a Message / 打入你想出的message

4. Preview

5.  input the contact or upload your address book, then hit “Send” / 入email address 或上載你的address book,.   Send!

Your friends/families will receive the e-card immediately (or on your scheduled date/time) .  Eco-friendly too!   And you can anytime add new contacts.  For those don’t have any email account, you could still choose to handmade certain quantities. It’s a classy way and inexpensive too.

你的朋友們就可以即時收到你倆的Save The Date card!  非常環保啊! 亦可隨時加人新的賓客contact 及send. 非常方便! 如果賓客沒有email, 亦可印刷”Save the Date”咭, 小量手做handmade亦可, 更加特顯尊貴, 又不浪費.

OK, want to try our Save the Date ecard?  Unlimited offer for our Fiesta Wedding Clients!  (Offer till 30 June 2012 while your big day can be in 2012/2013)

為了給新人一個方便,我決定免費送給FIESTA wedding客戶 “Save The Date” e-card. 數量 “無限” (offer till 30 June 2012, 大日子可以是2012/2013!)

Want to try?  Drop me a message at


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