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How to handle all the little wedding details?

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A client came to me and said, “Jane, I think I really need your help on the wedding day… I just can’t manage and don’t want to bother my bridesmaids, aunties etc to do al l these little things for me too.”


一個客戶來找我,說,“Jane,我想婚禮當天, 我真的需要你的幫助oh……我真的無法管理, 亦不想打擾我的伴娘,阿姨等人去為我這些小東西頻頻撲撲; 人人都要返工,又有自己家庭,實在不想打攪人家太多了。See, 一大張清單!"

Wow.. what an encouragement note….And yes, that’s where my professional support kicks in.  When is the right time to march in? Cue the music to start?  Is there enough time and go to where for some extra wedding photos on the day?  Will my guests bored?   How to create a nice atmosphere to please the guests and families?  It’s my BIG PARTY OH!

沒錯: 真是一大張清單,好多的小細節,真的唔講唔知,講落先知e.g. Rundown正確嗎?when to March In? 幾時開音樂?邊個開音樂?會唔會播錯碟?會唔會悶親我的客人?如何創建一個好的氛圍比客人和家庭一起度過開心又難忘的一天?這是我的Wedding哦!

There are mores that you should know, click here if you are interested to know. Why bother all the little details?  You can actually have a relaxing wedding and You and your Fiancé deserves it!


如果你有興趣知道how to plan, click here

Be a beautiful bride and enjoy the wedding day with your better half.

當天,您應該做的,就是當一個美麗的新娘, 與你的另一半享受您們的big day!


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