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How to enjoy planning your own wedding?

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Some people  came and told us that they were fed up of the little details here and there, budget, time-consuming, frustrating even though taking time out of their super busy day.  How about you?
Yes, it is. But the sad reality is that there are just too many wedding suppliers who just want to take a share of your wedding budget, rather than really supporting your big day with a good heart. That’s a very unfortunate thing.
Lucky for me, I’m working full-time for wedding, so I have both the budget and the time to screw up the bit and pieces for different wedding couples who don’t have this luxury and that might include you.

What I help them is to enjoy the many savings from different wedding supplies, and best of all, these suppliers are tested by ourselves for their quality and we work independently. So you get the things that you really want (not being forced to have something), at the right budget. You don’t really need to pay for the costly mistake!
They just tell me what they want, and I propose the right things at the right budget for them. So they enjoy so much the planning journey, and best of all, save their time, money (even after they pay me the gratitude), while also able to receive what they want at their fingertips. Win-Win!

Want to know how to enjoy your big day without struggling this and that? Click here to read more how we can help tailor made a wedding plan just for you. It’s very affordable than what you might be thinking about!

Just give me a call at 2130-8808 or drop me an email and see how I can meet your requirement!



Jane 🙂


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