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8 tips for a Summer Bridal Makeup

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1. SPF !

Protect your skin from damage!  Wear a moisturiser with an SPF factor of 15 or higher before wearing any makeup!


2. Foundation

Consider a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a fresher, lighter look.  Then a little concealer would be good.


  1.  Mascara

Oh, sweating?  Make sure all the cosmetics that you wear are waterproof.  For Mascara, may be choosing something brown or brown-black to make a lighter look.


4. Eye Shadow

Don’t forget to apply a eye makeup base before putting  on your makeup.  Can keep the makeup lasting longer.


  1.  Lips

Tinted lip balm, lip gloss are definitely your choices!  Keep your lip shine!


  1.  Hands and Toes

You won’t forget your manicure, but make sure you have a well pedicure done too as you might know when you will need or you want to get off your bridal shoes and wear a flip flop?


7. Deodorant & Mosquito Repellant

Yes, you need it…. To keep it yourself feel fresh so that you can enjoy every moment.  Re-apply it whenever necessary.  So don’t forget to bring this along.


  1. Finally

Sun tan lotion, Sun glasses, Sun Hat , Umbrella,  Then enjoy a lovely day!


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免皮膚受損害哦!妝前記得要保濕 再加 SPF.  SPF要係15或更高哦!



考慮一點點有色潤膚霜 (tinted moisture)或BB霜。 再加一點點的遮瑕膏。



出汗嗎?確保所有的化妝品是防水的。睫毛膏,可以選擇一些棕色或棕黑色,做一個sun tan的外觀。



不要忘了eye base。可以保持妝容持久一點哦。






你不會忘記修手甲,但要確保你有修腳oh.  因為你可能需要下車或脫去鞋子去做一個你一直好想,甚至是未想過的好特別的pose?



你需要保持自己感到fresh好清爽的,這樣您就可以享受每一刻的 photoshoot。


8。最後,Sunblock乳液,太陽眼鏡,太陽帽,傘,然後享受一個可愛的Pre-wedding photoshoot一天!


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