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Camera Rolling?

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以往都有接受過不同電視台的訪問, 但這次外國電視台的直擊到訪,實在令人太surprise了…..

A LIVE television interview?  Oh My God… it’s more a surprise though have been in front of camera for a number of times…..

話說最近公司Fiesta,engage 了多一位來自荷蘭的makeup artist 化妝師Sandra,可以幫手負責外國客人或一些本地半唐番的ABC….

We recently engage a new makeup artist, Sandra, to handle the many overseas clients and of course the local ABC, BBC…..

怎料Dutch TV 話超有興趣跟隨Sandra , 來香港拍攝這位老遠離開家鄉,怎樣為追尋自己理想及真愛而作出付出!(她男朋友是香港土生土長的美國人呀)。


Sandra comes from Holland and you know what, she does not only follow her passion in modeling and makeup/hairdo, she follows her real love, Bradley, who is a local born ABC here in Hong Kong. Isn’t it romantic??

Dutch TV flied all the way to Hong Kong to follow this real love story!  And came to Fiesta for a live makeup job for our lovely bride!

怎料門聲 ding dong , 一開門已見到個TV 機 roll 著,來不及一個什麼反應,只好繼續一個”外交式"的welcome.  並介紹新娘子給大家認識。Sandra 一路化妝,我就一路介紹fiesta 的外國首飾及婚禮業務。她們對我們的首飾挺有興趣呢!確實令人興奮

Well, I actually didn’t prepare much for this feature here and I didn’t prepare myself will be on the camera too, but a “ding dong” on the door bell,  we opened the door, and the camera is already rolling!

原來這個追尋愛的節目在當地好受歡迎,已連續拍了6季,製作了超過60集愛情故事…..好期待呀…..有片睇的時候再share 比大家啦!睇住這個behind the scene及一些以往訪問 啦。

I was told this LOVE program is very famous in Holland and this is their 6th season doinig this. There are around 60 couples have been featured.


Let’s LOVE and be LOVED!!!

A few interview clips in the past. Enjoy!


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