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Baby Sheldon – 100th Day Party!

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Helping Mr and Mrs Yan on their 1st baby born – Sheldon, for his 100th Day Party ah!  And of course, staying on the stage means I need to be the Emcee too.  Over 120 guests. What a big baby shower!

幫Mr. and Mrs Yan負責今日呢個百日宴的event planning/coordination and 當然企係個台度,就係今日的Emcee too 。

There was a very special Magic Show, how should I introduce him?  “INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION MAGICIAN – MR. LOUIS YAN!)

Haha… the famous man on the TV show!

我哋有個非一般嘅Magic show
點樣介紹好?10 個字「國際冠軍魔術師-甄澤權(Louis Yan)!

Louis believes magic can bring happiness, surprise, and unbelievable things to people. And I just let him own the stage and do the magic!  Well, may be it’s good for Louis to make a new baby boy or girl as Sheldon’s sibling?
就這樣,我呢個MC就將個舞台完全交比Louis 。 Let’s believe in Magic , believe in Miracle……$100變$600,$600變$6000…..有需要的,就變多個細佬或細妹比今日的主角BB Sheldon嘞……

Children love magic


Super love the “Candy Corner” that I help set up

The beautiful “Candy Corner” – LIKE ??


I had my nail polish in blue – to match the baby blue color theme!

the cupcake tower!





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  1. Reblogged this on thewrenpress and commented:
    It is great to celebrate a new life. I think that the event looks fabulous and we should see more parties like this in future.


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