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Why Cupcake is so Popular?

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Hey, I’m at a special event here today, a 36-person children birthday party, for my son Justin who turns 8 today!

Wow… the cupcakes smell so nice, so pretty, so yummy!  Look!  The kids are so happy~

Obviously, as compared with ordinary cakes, cupcakes can create more different surprises.  As even for a small party, we can create a cupcake tower which is a very nice presentation.  And unlike an ordinary cake that everybody will only share a slice after the cutting and you will just enjoy the taste but not the design any more.  For Cupcake, everybody can choose their favorite piece and grab it. Everybody happy!


Salute to all the cake stylists who can always think of different creative/ideas and of course their magic hands creating the masterpieces.   Here today for Girls I have something Pink and Heart,  Sunflowers too!  And we have blue with mashmallows and chocolate crunch with basketball!  (haha, that’s my son’s favourite)


Special thanks to Charmaine Chan, our intern here who homemade all these cakes for me.  Muah…


Want more different cake ideas?  Free here:

今天要親自幫手一個36人小朋友birthday party! 主角是Justin, son!!! 今天8歲了!


D cupcake 蛋糕味好香啊,睇得,聞得又食得,果然色香味俱全。


與普通蛋糕相比,cupcakes 能製造出的驚喜會更多,仲使小型party都可製造出一個tower. 亦可同時擁有多不同口味。亦不像大蛋糕在影完相后,一人分一份,整個蛋糕造型,又不知所蹤了。在Cupcake tower 前,賓客的䐉子及眼睛早巳想著尋找他們喜歡的個別Cupcake了。一人有一個,好開心!

女孩子會喜歡多D粉色糸列,花花、心心呀(haha又花又心,好花心). 男孩子嘛,朱古力味唔小得,呢到有籃球做型潻!

我真的好佩服蛋糕造型師的精心傑作 (this time special thanks to Charmaine Chan our intern),她們可以製造出不同品味,不同層次的款式去為賓客製造不同的感受。看看呢個花瓣及中間的花蕊,真係好型似好有特色呀。yeah!

要多D蛋糕ideas嗎? here for free ideas!


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