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You feel lost, alone and afraid?

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Wow.. I’m so proud of this group of ladies on stage as they just completed a course of “leadership program” in which I’m one of the trainers. That day it’s their show time to apply whatever they learnt from the course and they organized a carnival with different game booths and onstage performance open to public. They called me “Sister Ling Ling” and I felt very sweet…..


IMG_3236 IMG_3298 IMG_3899  照片

Over the past 5 years in particular, I’ve been on a very different path from previous years of my life. I had achieved something that I haven’t even been dreamed of. I had a number of feature interviews in major newspapers, journals, magazine s, I published my e-book, I had my professional column in major lifestyle platform etc. And most importantly, I have a supportive family. You would say, I was the happiest I’d ever been, but on the other, I felt lost, alone and afraid. And I learnt that the only time I feel happy and had the sense of achievement is “gratitude and appreciation.” We don’t really need to hard sell ourselves, instead, show your gratitude and appreciation to the people you meet, and they will come to you for help.

So come on, instead of showing off our vanities , show off your “Gratitude and Appreciation” and see what will happen!

I love reading the inspiration who always motivate us in doing good. May be you like reading this too. Check it out:



坦白說,近兩年,我覺得自己性格變得隨和很多,亦less money-minded。我巳不再受虛榮、政治等等的壓力而苦惱, 亦因而多了時間去培育身心美的需要。希望還活著要賣弄虛榮日子的朋友們,早日找到你心靈所需,並將你感受到的愛,毫不吝嗇地分享給身邊的人。



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