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A Good Exercise for Couples!

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I really find lots of benefits doing exercise and for me its like fueling my body to be physically and mentally fit, especially when you are getting prepare for your wedding day.  Well, you might say it’s difficult when you don’t have this habit, but, the decision to take up exercise, requires a lot of positive social support. So what could be better if you bring along your fiancé/fiancée to join together?  He/She needs the stress release and doing together is fun!

I recently went to a new Thai Boxing Centre called “CHAMP” which is conveniently located at Causeway Bay, right behind Sogo.  Yes….  I want to kick away my fat!

09 (Small) 019 (Small) 099 (Small)
CHAMP, a nice place indeed….very tidy, very neat, very clean, and I can see and hear the “Power”.   I see a number of ladies (office ladies who look so gentle) who can also do a lot of kicks and beautiful punches. And when they hit/kick the pad, the “Pok Pok” sound are so powerful!  What an experience….Seems it’s a simple mobility. I think I can pick up this exercise very quickly and easily, .

0270 (Small)

0178 (Small)

I’m sure Thai Boxing at Champ would like be of great benefit to you.  You’ll find it a great experience and learn first hand just like I do. Joining your first single trial is just $150. And if you subscribe 2 months, it’s just $120 per lesson. Free shower facilities available too.

Remember:  Losing weight is easy when you all do it together.  So Join Together!

0314 - Copy (Small)

040 (Small)

0299 (Small)

Address: Unit 3, 3/F United Success Commercial Center, 508 Jaffe Causeway Bay
Facebook: Tel: 28911628



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