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10 Best Valentine’s Ideas – EASY and ROMANTIC!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and falls right behind the Chinese New Year holiday, will it be easier to make something special for your valentines?  At least I do!

You don’t need to be a cake stylist or a good chef.  Just buy some simple cupcakes from any cakeshop, then add a lovely cookie like this!  Isn’t it easy?


我其實好期待今年的情人節,因為悉逢新年假,我應該有足夠時間準備我的「好東西」。先Share著10個簡單易做的Valentine’s Ideas 給大家,看看會否有inspiration to u? Check my notes: 佢一定讚你 “誠意滿分” !

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老公,最好的, 我當然會留待給你…Surprise!


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