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How to make the best Bridal Makeup that really suits you?

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For most of the brides-t0-be, when it comes to finding a right makeup and hair stylist, wishing to have the best and most suitable style for pre-wedding or wedding day, it could be a very time-consuming job.  Apart from looking at their qualification, profile, feedback…. I personally think (and actually from the many real wedding planning job experience), the most important thing is  “how well they can understand and communicate” with the bride, to understand their real needs.

好多準新娘常常都不知道應該怎樣去揀選合適的化妝師、髮型師, 去為自己Pre-wedding 及wedding day 作出適當的style 。除了看佢不同的資歷、profile、feedback 之外,我個人覚得最重要就是,識得同新娘子溝通。去了解佢地不同的需要。


The past few weeks I have been so busy in assisting the Hong Kong Jockey Club in planning their once-a-year big gig – Wedding Fair.  We have invited Portfolio Makeup Academy which is co-founded by the famous star makeup artist Mr. Gary Chung and the international supermodel Ms Christine Au Yang, to make an on stage demonstration  and talk about how to tailor to meet the needs of different brides.


呢幾個禮拜密鑼緊鼓的幫馬會去策劃他們一年一度的Wedding Fair.
幫他們邀請了由著名星級化妝師Gary Chung 及國際名模歐陽妙芝小姐一齊成立的Portfolio Makeup Academy 來為大家做個日妝轉夜妝的demo,同時怎樣兼顧新娘子不同的所需。

1.  Square face shape, Round shape, or the Triangle shape, how shall we do the makeup and highlight the best?   方型面、包包面、或是瓜子面,化妝及髮型上應作出什麼的style?

2. A silky white face vs Sun tan look, what will be the things that we should focus ? 白滑的基膚,跟好有陽光氣式的基膚,又要作出怎樣的微調呢?

3. Tiny eyes?  Big bag?  Dark Circle?  How to tackle these for brides-to-be?  眼仔細細、加上香港人最常見的大眼袋、黑眼圈, 怎樣化?

4. Day makeup to Evening Makeup, is it simply adding more color and a thicker eye liner? 日妝轉夜妝,是否加重顔色加深眼線就係呢?


A professional and experienced makeup stylist will able to handle these different things easily and bring out the most charming things from the brides and shine!
A good makeup will not only give a very touching moment to the bride, but to the groom too!

一個專業的化妝師髮型師都應該可以好輕而易舉的為新娘子作出適當的style, 從而帶出新娘子最美麗動人的氣質。在不同的婚紗晚裝下都可以展示自己最美麗的一面。新朗哥都會為你而覚得好感動呀!


Join Me!  21/4 Happy Valley Racecourse for this once a year big event – Wedding Fair at HK Jockey Club.

21/4來跑馬地馬場,來看看為所有準新人的Jockey Club wedding Fair!



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