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Grow UP Montage? Slideshow again?

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Are you still thinking of a slideshow for your grow up montage?  Well, many friends around commented it as “boring”…..been to a number of parties and people were just playing their candy crush, what’sapp….they will give a big applause at the end of that 3 – 4 minutes slideshow though!  haha…


但最近聽好多朋友說,開始覺得要佢做成長片段,佢覚得好老土,人有我有。佢自己參與過幾個婚禮,都只見賓客門,各自各去玩自己的iPhone, smartphone,. whatsapp… 唉,”side”哂心機,剩係識得片幕尾拍手掌,有鬼用咩…..

啲中學時代相先撹笑,自己在場都搵唔到自己,但就已經跳落下一張slideshow 了。真可惜



So, what’s the other choice out there?   How about a “LIVE SHOW” and show your love and gratitude to your families and guests using your own theme song?  YES, say NO to SLIDESHOW, WE WANT “LIVE SHOW”!






It’s really our pleasure having former Miss Hong Kong, Winnie Young, having her two young kids Hannah and Jonah, to act as our flower girl and boy, while the couples have the famous song producer Mr. Clayton Cheung, to create their own wedding theme song!  We had great fun during rehearsal!

嘅花仔花女,去演譯新娘新郎的兒時夢想。再由新人用「原創歌曲」去親身答謝父母及各賓客。聽落都好sweet呢…….. Rehearsal here!

look look 楊婉儀的一對「活寶貝」,Hannah and Jonah, 新郎Stanley (帶黑眼鏡者), our編劇 Marco, 仲有我呢個監製Jane Jane!一齊帶你哋 穿越時空,實現愛的印証!

IMG_4781 - 複製 IMG_4782 - 複製 IMG_4785 - 複製 IMG_4786 - 複製 IMG_4792 IMG_4794 - 複製

Winnie is a real professional educator. what a spacious and well equipped centre too!  everyone had a great time!


See our live performance at HK Jockey Club wedding fair this Sunday!




click here:

有意try try的你,星期日21/4, 快D來快活谷馬場wedding fair找我哋Fiesta嘞.

See you there!


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