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How to Plan for a Destination Wedding?

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Having a destination wedding is getting popular nowadays, not just because you can treat it as a honeymoon with your better half, but it is getting more affordable, and adds a lot of good memories to your once in a lifetime event!  Who does not want to have a getaway?

But how to get it started?  It is not as difficult as you thought, some of you may probably find it easier than organizing a wedding in the home country. Why? This is because you may have many “reasons” (or excuses?) to have a wedding that you want it to be, without the need to take care of different expectations from different families/people (that could be the most struggling part for the wedding couples.)

Having said that, there are still things to bear in mind when you plan for a Destination Wedding:

Bogas Weddings In Italy

Bogas Weddings In Italy

1.  The Styles of the Wedding

What style of a wedding you are looking for?  Do you want a beach wedding?  A tropical style?  Las Vegas fun style?  Or a wedding in a castle?  Try to be more creative and let your heart speak to you!

2.  Weather

Weather plays a major part as you don’t want all the hectic especially when you have the guests coming over from different places.  Do your research when deciding the time of year you want to get married. For example, August is usually a rainy season in Phuket, Thailand. Hence, you might need to avoid that.   December is freezing season in Italy and Switzerland, you might enjoy a wedding with the snowflakes around though!

3.  Cookie Cutter Package

Some destinations offer a variety of packages for wedding couples. Most of them will be kind of a “cookie cutter” approach, that means you can have everything inclusive like hotels, transporation, ceremony set up, dining, photography at their site etc.  They will pretty much do everything for you.   You don’t need to worry about anything.

4. Unique experience tailored to your needs

If you want to be more creative and have your own ideas and theme be built into the wedding, it is better to hire a wedding planner who “understands” what you want and have the extensive network to organize the things for you.  For example, you can choose a chapel to have your ceremony, followed by a wedding photography at some major hot spots in the country, then a wedding reception in a castle!  They will able to take you to different places with ease. This allows you to customize more to your wants and tastes.

Bogas Weddings In Italy

Bogas Weddings In Italy

5. Accessability

You don’t want to bother too much of your guests, do you?  Make sure your destination is easy to get to for your guests.  Check to see if there are reasonably priced flights or transportation to avoid any unnecessary hassles. But if you have a wedding planner, they will usually able to get some good corporate deals for you and your guests.

6. Visit the destination at least once!

This is important as you don’t want to be overwhelmed or surprised on your wedding day.  You can chat and go through the things that you have agreed with the suppliers, the person in charge of the wedding, and communicate your expectation clearly so that they can also have enough time to get prepared for you!

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