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8 “NO NO” for the Grooms

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While we thought all eyes are pretty much on the brides, I think we need to put out the “NO NO” for the grooms as well so that they won’t be regret for doing the wrong things.  So if  you are the groom and planning your wedding, PLEASE READ THIS.

Photo Courtesy: via Pinterest

Photo Courtesy: via Pinterest


1. Do not leave all decisions to your bride.  With the many opinions, thoughts, ideas, she can feel very stressful and easily go nuts!  without her better half to support.
2. Do not over drunk at a wedding, you don’t want to leave your wife alone for the first night of wedding, do you?  You may regret for a life time!
3. You could also be stressful on the big day, due to whatever reason, but keep your temper and don’t let the problem ruins your mood.  Leave the problems to someone who has the capability to handle!
4. No makeup.  You don’t’ need a dramatic face. People will love the way you are!
5. Don’t forget to draw your own list of material to return to the hire companies, as some may subject to a penalty for late return or missing items.
6.  Do not have your Stag night the night before your wedding. You want yourself and the groomsmen turn up in style and smart on the wedding day!
7.  Do not forget to thank your parents, as well as the bride’s parents. Thank them for creating this most amazing lady in the world.
8. Do not invite your ex girlfriend to the wedding, not even ask, okay? 
Have a great wedding!
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