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One of a kind Prestige Fairs at Conrad hotel.

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We are really proud of ourselves for supporting this great Prestige Fairs at Conrad Hotel.  Do you know this fair has been running for over 20 years?












The first Prestige Fairs this Monday was really amazed with over 130 vendors filled the atmospheric ballroom of the Conrad Hotel.  The place was neatly set up, with the Christmas music that immediately tickled me this Shopaholic.  Look at the buzz that morning!  Wow…

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From tasty chocolates, to jeweler, fashion, evening bags, kids accessories, handbags….a real unforgettable shopping experience. All in all, it has something for every occasion!

Something Interesting?  Of course, that’s what we like!

Organic Hand Crafted Gift Wraps

I’m a very environmental concern person as I think it’s our social responsibility to have a sustainable living.  I trust we all have heard about gift wraps made with environmentally made paper, but this is truly my first time seeing a wrapping paper that are made from vegetable matter such as banana bark and pineapple pulp!  And they are all handmade!   The print is silk screened onto the paper.  It’s definitely one of a kind wrappers in Hong Kong!




I always look for quality cashmere but honestly, Hong Kong is not really that cold and what I love is those Ultra-thin cashmere scarf.  Thanks Sandie for showing her own brand “Sandie Khoo”, 100% cashmere scarf that are just perfect for our needs in Hong Kong.  And there is a wide selection of other products to choose from too.  The online shop is available as well so it’s just perfect for everybody from everywhere.

From: Sandie Khoo

From: Sandie Khoo


Fine Arts

I didn’t expect I would able to find some FINE ARTS from a  Christmas fair.  And that’s why Prestige Fairs is a good place to shop as you can always find something that is truly unique.  Look at this quilt which carries a mix of east and west style. It’s from Teresa Coleman who specializes in producing Antique Chinese embroidered costumes and textiles.  Delicately embroidered with magnificent imperial style!  It will be a great gift for people from overseas!



With refreshments like tea and coffee, muffins, sandwiches,  I could be always filled up with enough energy and shop for a number of hours!  Great experience!

I’m sure Prestige Fairs are an ideal opportunity to source for Christmas gifts.  Just within a few hours, and in a decent 5 star hotel ballroom,  the only difficult thing will be choosing what to buy!   But don’t worry, Prestige Fairs will be hosting another gift Fair on 26th November (Tuesday), at the same place, Conrad, Hong Kong.

We are going to have our expert advice on how to make the most out of this fair.  Stay tuned!

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