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Where to find a list of hotels combined for price comparison?

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While I am working with wedding couples in planning their honeymoon,  I am actually learning  amazing stuffs from different findings. And one of them is this awesome place: All the best hotel sites in one place right here. 

HotelsCombined.comas its name says, they combine and compare the room availability and prices from all major travel websites, including Expedia, Travelocity,  (and many more) all in one set of search results, so that you can accurately compare the offers from the different travel websites, without jumping into each of them and make your own comparison notes!  A real  “best price guarantee” tools that you can’t miss. So from now on,  before you make a hotel booking, make sure you go in there to make your reservation.

I saved HK$2000 from my previous vacation in April.  Also got an amazing deal at FOUR SEASONS hotels at Vancouver, for less than HK$1600 per night including tax.   So I thought, why don’t I share the goodies with you so that you can immediately benefit from these great resources ?

Bookmark this page as you will surely want to come back for our great recommendations. ENJOY!


最近有好多新人問我有關渡蜜月, 訂酒店的事, 我其實自己的個人經驗, 都是經過一些網站下訂, 貪其方便快捷。但是上年認識了, 一個超級好的「自動格價網站」,令我自己個人放行的支出,閒閒地都可以慳到額外10-20%.
它最大的好處就是將不同網站現有的offer, 由平至貴列出,一目了然。再不需要逐個網站去登入比較。

我今年到去加拿大,竟然可以只是用$1600 就訂到Four Seasons 四季酒店, 足足節省了5000$, 太開心了……現在在TVB大賣廣告, 有興趣的可以登入這個網站去試試看。Save on your hotel, spend it on anything



If you love travel like me, make sure you bookmark this, I call it  Best of the Best hotel combined booking website –

Hope you can benefit from HotelsCombined.comjust like me!


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