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Planning an Event/Wedding?

Are you looking for a planner team who “gets” you, who understands your needs, your culture, your style, your personality and your budget concerns?

It is simply PERFECT when you find our Fiesta here who specializes in designing and planning events/wedding with east and west cultures well blended.


If you find us here,  you want your happy events, wedding to be PERFECT.

However, for many people, knowing where to start is the hardest thing.


* You don’t know where to start?

* You are not sure about the different logistics?

* You read numerous wedding magazines, websites, fair and exhibitions, but found that you are just overloaded with tons of information that make you even confused?

* You can’t understand non even bother to bridge the two families expectation gap when they are coming from different background?

* You re already too busy at work, and don’t want to work tirelessly even over the weekend?

* You are afraid Of missing out some important or traditional things that you ought to know and get ready?

*You are not sure if You can really enjoy all the splendid moments You deserve in this once in a lifetime event, even though you are capable in managing all these things?

* You think you will be bothering your bridesmaids and groomsmen too much, will they able to get along and do what you really want them to do?

About Fiesta

As the namesake, “Fiesta”, which means having people from different places celebrating festive happiness. With a simple philosophy of happiness and celebration, We can advise and coordinate from big idea and turn them into the smallest detail. In a company increasingly acclaimed for our style and service, we take great pride in the passion we have for this business, and how that translates to our customers.

Indeed, the logistics are huge and complex as it is your once in a life time “project”.  Even if you know what you want, actually translating those ideas into a cohesive design plan is the most time-consuming, complicated, and tricky!

So instead of working tirelessly and possibly missing out on the most splendid moments, have an event/wedding planner who understands your needs and translate them into a well organized plan, it is a savor for a lifetime.

What’s really incredible is that you can truly create the wedding you desire without a lot of the stress or headache that many couples experience, because you have help!

Contact us today to arrange a totally free “Dream Wedding Consultation” with our expert wedding design team.

Want to know us more?  Here are the brides ask about us, and let’s see our Director, Jane, replies here.    


How long have you been in business?

Jane: Fiesta is incorporated since 2008 and have worked with a lot of individuals and companies including celebrities and listed companies.

Hi there, what is the major difference of Fiesta from the other wedding planners in town?

Jane: Qualification makes us outstanding from the others. Not only we hold our Master Degrees, have you heard about National Wedding Qualification which allows us to do cross border wedding too. We also hold certified accountant qualifications which mean we care about your budget; we help stay track and make the most value for money things for you. What’s more, we have a good variety of choices to fit your preferred styles and budgets! So by engaging us, you just like having a Personal Assistant or secretary to handle your once in a life time event – your wedding, your big event. What’s better than this able to have your dream wedding that can save you money, save your time, raising the overall quality of your wedding while leaving the best memory for you and your guests? We are dedicated to take care all the details for you and maximize your best interest.

Is there any additional assurance you can give us that you will be able to get us a better deal than if we worked directly with suppliers?  e.g. for Photographers/flowers/transport?

Jane:  Many suppliers are willing to give us a better price as they want more referral business.   Having said that, we maintain our independence and integrity, and you are under no obligation to hire our  suppliers.  Suppliers on our affiliate list are only those we have tested and worked with before, ensuring they can deliver the quality products/service and good customer service.  Each of them has their own styles and pricing structure, so we will understand your preference, your budget, and then get you the most suitable suppliers.  We’ll keep a close eye on your budget, contracts and payment schedules, timelines, vendors and the coordination of the rehearsal and wedding day.  You can find out about a bargain without being overwhelmed by choices that you see from the many expos.  And there’s always the chance you’ll find just what you are looking for at a great price!

This sounds all wonderful but is it something that I can afford it?

Jane:  Market research shows most couples overspend their wedding budget by 30%.  But our fee is just 10-15% of your wedding budget so that may almost save you extra 20% cost while you can also benefit from our professional support. Not only you will enjoy the good time on your big day without stress, but also able to achieve a higher class of wedding again at you budget!  Please check out our fee schedule and find out the right plan for you!

Do you take Credit Card?

Jane:  Yes, Of Course with the prevailing handling charge from the bank.

Would it be possible to have some references from people whose weddings you’ve handled in the past?  Previous clients we can speak to / e-mail ?

Jane:  Yes, of course!  Click here for our Testimonial Page, and feel free to email me for any additional information which you might need when you want to speak/email them!!

We have a couple more questions before we can get started, can I call you discuss further?

Jane: Yes…. a complimentary consultation, to get your answer!  Feel free to call and understand us more or email me to discuss your needs and desires.

We want to hear more from you about your needs and see how we can match to your requiremenets, so please stop by or call us or email us for a free consultation
phone: 852+59311863   Skype: jane10322

Hong Kong Wedding Network

FIESTA-WEDDING is proud being a member of TheMarriage, the Premier Network for Wedding Professionals.

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